Cobra S2 Irons

The forgiving multi-material irons that generate superior distance.

The new multi-material Cobra S2 Irons offer improved accuracy, distance and forgiveness in a high-performance package. The new cavity design with optimized heel-toe weighting utilizes lightweight polymer materials that allow discretionary weight to be pushed low in the heel and toe, to increase MOI. Plus, the unique Mid-Width Stepped Sole offers superior turf interaction. Cobra S2 Irons will appeal to avid golfers of all skill levels due their superior playability, feel and design.


  • 9 Point Face Technology
  • Multi-Material Design
  • Mid-Width Stepped Sole


  • For avid golfers looking for superior forgiveness, distance and accuracy.


  • 431 Stainless Steel Body, Polymer Topline and Toe Inserts, Urethane Sole Insert and Aluminum Back Plate


  • Graphite/Steel Set: 4-GW
    Lite/Seniors Set: 5-SW




  1. 9 Point Face Technology

    A cavity back design and 431 stainless steel face create 9 points across the clubface to form a larger sweet zone. The result is more distance and improved accuracy across the clubface.

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  2. Multi-Material Design

    An exclusive polymer topline and toe insert, expanded urethane sole insert and vibration-dampening back plate work together to lower CG, increase MOI and enhance feel – yielding improved launch, accuracy and distance.

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  3. Mid-Width Stepped Sole

    A unique sole design provides the forgiveness of a wide-sole iron with the playability, consistency and superior turf interaction of a narrow-sole iron.

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Model Loft Length (GR/ST) Lie Swing Weight (GR/ST) Stock Flex (GR/ST) RH/LH
3 19.0º 39.25" 61.0º D3 R, S RH
4 22.0º 38.75" 61.5º D3 R, S, Lite RH/LH
5 25.0º 38.25" 62.0º D3 R, S, Lite RH/LH
6 28.0º 37.75" 62.5º D3 R, S, Lite RH/LH
7 31.0º 37.25" 63.0º D3 R, S, Lite RH/LH
8 35.0º 36.75" 63.5º D3 R, S, Lite RH/LH
9 39.0º 36.25" 64.0º D3 R, S, Lite RH/LH
PW 43.0º 36.00" 64.5º D3 R, S, Lite RH/LH
GW 49.0º 35.75" 64.5º D3 R, S, Lite RH/LH
SW 55.0º 35.50" 64.5º D3 R, S, Lite RH/LH
LW 60.0º 35.50" 64.5º D3 R, S, Lite RH


Nippon NS Pro 1030H (Stock Steel Shaft)

Flex Kick Point Torque Weight
R, S Mid 1.8º 103g


Cobra / Golf Pride

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Aug 03, 2011

I have been shooting in the low 50’s (for 9 holes) in my golf league this year. I just got a set of S2 Irons and my first game out I shot a 39!!!!! Absolutely awesome.

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Average User Rating54321 5.00



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